What is ThriftyMiles?

What is ThriftyMiles?

ThriftyMiles is Thrifty's customer loyalty programme. When you join the ThriftyMiles programme you can enjoy the following benefits:

Each reservation you make will earn you ThriftyMiles (rewards points) which can be redeemed on future reservations.

You can set personal account preferences. We will remember your preferences on locations, cars and extras for fast and efficient bookings (not sure if you want to remove this for now).

You can view your current and upcoming vehicle reservations.

You can review your Thrifty car rental history.

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Contact Information

South Africa Tel: 086 100 2111

South Africa Int: +27 11 230 5201

Sales: rez@thrifty.co.za

Customer Care: customercare@thrifty.co.za

Namibia Tel: 0800 100 211

Namibia Int: +264 61 233 035

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